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(by Donald Grant)

In this book Donald Grant has provided investors and traders with a unique and original methodology which solves the problem of how to time the market accurately.

Notes of a Professional Investor will be available for purchase in July 2016, please register your expression of interest in this book by submitting your details below.

Donald Grant examines the Australian Dollar (AUD) versus the US Dollar (USD) market from the top on the 31st December 1973 at 1.4950 down to the low in January 2016 at the 0.6827 level.

Prior to the float of the AUD on the 12th December 1983 the Reserve Bank of Australia set the price of the AUD each morning. Following the float, the AUD was freely traded.

Notes of a Professional Investor shows the AUD’s important turning points (numbered on the chart below) following the float.  These turning points adhere to a geometric pattern derived from the Fibonacci spiral, which has been used to determine the time and price limits in this market.

It is shown in the book that prices are not random. The same method applies to other markets such as the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, S&P500 Index, Australian All Ordinaries Index, as well as Gold, Interest Rates and Commodities.

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Notes of a Professional Investor

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